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Who We Are

Aarth integrated Ad serving solutions and white label technology platform lets proficient managing, serving and assessing of the online advertising campaigns. A highly scalable platform flanked by advanced forecasting tools, optimum use of human and financial capital delivers the best advertising experience.

Aarth is build upon Revive ad server formerly known as OpenX and it supports verticals such as Display, Rich media, Video pre-roll, Mobile Native ads and email templates. We are integrated with major players and platforms across the globe.

What We Offer

Our proficient verticals and services sum up to recognized digital advertising platform that brands can trust upon.


Mobile advertising is one the most alluring ad formats nowadays so to make mobile advertising smooth, Aarth’s User friendly Interface flanked by all kind of formats and devices support results in powerful ad management.


Aarth Ad Server effortlessly execute, manage and optimize large, tricky, and acutely targeted video ad campaigns on multiple verticals within one ad serving solution.

Display (RTB)

No matter what’s the size of advertising campaign it’s scrutinizing, managing and optimizing will be hassle free which will not only curtail campaign launch time but also trim down the time spent.

Rich Media

Our time saving and interactive creatives including HTMl5 studio, flash, mobile and video along with in-built compliance feature making it possible to deliver ads across all formats.


Empower customer engagement by utilizing our powerful email builder to design, branded emails that are robotically responsive so they suit needs and delivered timely into the inbox of appropriate clients.

Server We Support

We make sure that the business is in safe hands so that’s why we are associated with industry’s specialists. We support some of the reputed ad servers like
Zedo, Live rail which assures high speed and reliability across the network.


Want to know more? Check our FAQ section

  • What can Aarth do for me?

    Aarth ad server is more efficient, time saving, and simplifies advertising, reduces Ad spent and to boost revenue. It also assists right from classifying, targeting, serving and optimizing to track ROI for successful campaigns.

  • Who should Use Aarth?

    It is a tailor made platform developed to ensure delivery to limited entities. It is not open for all services and one need proper Server 2 Server integration for using its features.

  • Does Aarth have text ad support?

    Yes, it can create and rotate text ads in zones on websites as easily as it would with banner advertisements.

  • Does Aarth offer rich media acceptance and support?

    Yes! It provides rich media including HTML5, email ads, HTML, CSS, JS, images, mobile ads, video ads, flash, images etc.

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